Vicco Turmeric Cream

Pure Sandalwood Oil ~ WSO Cream ~ Foam Base Shaving Cream

Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream WSO
Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream is a topical application herbal medicinal ointment made from turmeric and pure sandalwood oil. Vicco Turmeric Cream is a cooling, fragrant, revitalising and rejuvenating skin cream for clear, smooth, soft, supple and young looking skin. Vicco Turmeric is a fairness skin lightening cream that gives radiance, glow, fair and lovely beautiful skin complexion.

Ayurvedic medicine skin cream for acne and pimples

  • Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream contains pure sandalwood oil for fairness
  • Heals acne vulgaris, pimple scars, blemishes, skin boils and eruptions
  • Protects skin and gives soft, supple, radiant and glowing complexion
  • Skin lightening cream that gives a matte finish and brightens skin tone
  • Vicco Turmeric WSO Skin Cream avaialable without sandalwood oil
  • Vicco Turmeric Foam Base Shaving Cream moisturises skin and creates a rich lather
  • Also known as Vicco Turmeric Vanishing Cream due to its antiseptic, healing and curing properties

Therapeutic uses of Vicco Turmeric Cream heal minor skin cuts, wounds and burns.
Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties soothe itching and inflammed skin. For external use only.

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